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GLO is a ‘faith based ministry’ which is able to fulfill its purposes thanks to the generous support of individuals and charitable trusts. GLO members are not salaried and consequently rely of gifts from supporters and churches. If you would like to financially support the work of GLO, or an individual GLO member, the following options are available to you:

Electronic Transfer
This is now widely available through Internet Banking Systems and is the simplest method. Your payment should quote our bank details (given below) and should also include your name as the donor. You will also need to notify our Finance Director by e-mail or post of your gift and send your instructions as to who the gift is for.

  1. Payment from a UK Bank Account
    Name: GLO Trust Scotland
    Sort Code: 80-09-15
    Account Number: 00400636
  2. Payment from a non-UK Bank Account
    Name: GLO Trust Scotland IBAN: GB57 BOFS 8009 1500 4006 36
    BIC: BOFSGB21903
  3. Cheques
    We are still happy to receive cheques, which should be made payable to GLO Trust Scotland and accompanied by a note indication how you would like the money to be used.
  4. Direct Debit
    We are happy to receive regular gifts by Direct Debit. If you would like to give in this way you must set this up with your own bank and then notify us of how you would like the funds distributed.
  5. Credit Card
    We can receive gifts by credit card. Please contact the office who will let you have the relevant details.
  6. Paypal
    You can now give a donation directly via Paypal. Please click on the Donate button and follow instructions from there. Please note that by using this service each transaction incurs a 1.4% plus 20p fee which will be paid to Paypal from your gift. Any special instructions regarding your gift can be given once you are logged into your Paypal account.

Gift Aid
If you are a personal donor who pays UK income tax, then please consider using Gift Aid. The refund of tax from the government adds 25% to the value of your gift. All that is required on your part is a simple declaration which can be downloaded here.



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